Pastor Dr. S. K. Akindele, Provost

In LAWNA Theological Seminary (LATS) We enjoy a good academic reputation but don't let that put you off if you feel you are not an academic yourself. Part of our reputation is earned by our long experience of getting those who are doubtful about their intellectual ability up to good standard.

provostIf you join us, you will be undertaking a university-validated course, being taught by some of the finest teachers in the university world and graduating with a university qualification.

This is a Christian, academic, learning community where we are concerned about spiritual growth; personal development and skill enhancement as we are about academic achievements. We are not about offering courses which last for one, two or three years. We are about providing resources for life.

This is training that lasts for life. We do not give part answers or feed our students with superficial thinking. That approach to education may appeal and be satisfying in the short-term. But it fails to train people to think for themselves, so that they can go on living and working for Christ down the years, in different times, different cultures, different occupations. We offer depth for the distance.

This is training that answers the questions of life. Theology has the reputation of answering the questions which no one is asking. It's easy to understand why. But here we ask real life questions and ensure that we engage fully with contemporary issues and culture. We have a passion to teach the Bible and related Theological and Peace Courses so that they address the contemporary world.

One of the constant joy, for me is to hear students speak of the way the LAWNA Theological Seminary, Jos has been a transforming experience for them and provided answers they have been looking for but not found elsewhere. We do this through a range of courses in the disciplines of: Biblical Studies, Mission and Evangelism, Christian Education, Pastoral Studies, Theology, Peace Studies, and Church Ministries which are set out in the academic programmes. I hope you find something which inspires you and matches your need. I hope the prospectus will convey something of the excitement we feel about the life-shaping, life-enhancing and life-directing work in which we are engaged.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if we can answer your questions or provide you with further information. We are here to resource you for life in Christ Jesus.

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